How You Get Pre-Qualified

So, you’ve decided now’s the right time to buy a home. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to get pre-qualified in 5 minutes or less by using the PreQual Express tool. By entering information about your new home purchase, your finances and a soft credit pull you can receive your pre-qualification letter in minutes.

Just how do you do that, exactly?

Step 1:

Go here to access the PreQual Express tool

Step 2:

Enter Your Contact Information: let us know who you are and you date of birth so we can run a soft credit pull which doesn’t impact your credit score

Step 3:

Tell Us About Your New Purchase: entering the expected details of your new home including price, down payment, taxes, etc. allow us to estimate the costs associated with the home

Step 4:

Tell Us More About You: provide your address, whether you will have a co-borrower, citizenship and other information

Step 5:

Authorize A Credit Pull: this provides your credit score and liability information that helps you get pre-qualified

Step 6:

Tell Us About Your Income: this is the last step that lets us give you a pre-qualification once all the numbers are calculated

Step 7:

Get Your Letter and Start Shopping

It’s just that easy, so don’t delay and click here to get started.